Wild Detritus: Touched by the Sun, Aged by the Earth
Kathleen Koopman

Exhibition dates: August 1 – 18, 2024
Opening reception: August 2nd, 5 pm – 7 pm

Silver City artist, Kathleen Koopman, works with found material and the light-sensitive process of cyanotype.  Kathleen states:

“This is a special milestone for me as an artist, to have a gallery exhibit devoted to only my work. At age 75, I am celebrating a first, something I have been working towards for most of my life. According to conventional wisdom, this phase of one’s artistic life can be called “established,” though I feel I am still emerging.

All the materials and images in this exhibit were found in wild places, some known, and some will remain a mystery. Plants, natural materials, found photographs, objects, detritus, parts of cars, stoves, bicycles, rust all around! Found, gifted, passed on by friends, disposed of, and collected, these materials of my inspiration have finally melded together. Combined, they express the dynamic of combining things that may not normally go together, contrast, juxtaposition, and unlikely bedfellows!

The results of years of collecting, organizing, and documenting objects that represent the beauty of deterioration, exploring provenance, combined with printmaking, photography, and experimental methods.”