In this time of isolation and uncertainty, nature became a refuge for many, a new experience for some and a muse for others.  This exhibition welcomed work utilizing alternative photographic techniques referencing nature. Nature is defined loosely. Any aspect of the natural world can be referenced: plant, animal (including humans), the imaginary etc.  Artists were asked to consider how their relationship with the natural world has been altered in recent years. 

August 6th – October 2nd
Reception: Friday, August 6th, 5 – 7 pm

Collin Adams, Dave Antreasian, Laurie Beck Peterson, Jeremy Blair, Richard Boutwell, Sally Chapman, Sarah Cross, Nancy Dodd, Nicholas Gialanella, J. M. Golding, Carol Hayman, Claudia Hollister, Fiona Howarth, Michelle Leone Huisman, Sally Kim-Miller, Kathleen Koopman, Leslie Koptcho, J. Jason Lazarus, Jen Leahy,  Donald MacDonald, Galina Manikova, Victoria Manning, Fruma Markowitz, Marek Matusz, Nancy Miiller, Denise M. Oehl, Emily Penrod, Cyd Peroni, Graciana Piaggio, Elizabeth Pineda, Robert Poole, Michael Puff, Carmen Ruiz, Brooke Sauer, Charlotte Schmid-Maybach, Dennis Segers, Deb Shannan, Gerardo Stübing, Lihie Talmor, Theresa Tarara, Rodney Thompson, Thomas Webster, Christi Wiltenburg, Tom Wise, Forrest Zerbe, Morgan Zichettella.

Congratulations to the award winners!

First Place:
Elizabeth Pineda, Las Huellas de Mi Gente, Copper Plate Gravure

2nd Place:
Leslie Koptcho, Mulberry Stain with Wing, Color Etching with Chin Colle

3rd Place:
Robert Poole, Nautilus and Passenger, Chrysotype

Sprint Systems Award: Forrest Zerbe:
The Descending Veil, Silver Gelatin Mordancage Photogram

Thank you Diana Bloomfield for your selections and to our sponsor, Sprint Systems of Photography

Juried by Diana Bloomfield

Bio, Juror Diana Bloomfield

A photographic artist for over 35 years, Diana specializes in 19th-century photographic printing techniques.  Her images and handmade artist books have been exhibited internationally and featured in multiple books and publications.  She is represented by the Ryan Gallery, of Art Intersection, located in Gilbert, Arizona, and by photo-eye Gallery (Photographers Showcase), located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Diana, a native North Carolinian, lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she received her MA in English Literature and Creative Writing, from North Carolina State University.  Diana also teaches workshops throughout the United States, and in her beautiful backyard studio.  To view more of Diana’s work, visit