Call For Handmade Prints!

Uncertain Boundaries

Juror: Juana Estrada Hernández

Deadline to submit: September 11th
Submit at:

This call asks artists to consider uncertain and changing boundaries in their work and lives. Many types of boundaries that can be referenced: social, personal, and artistic, to name a few. Social boundaries can be thought of as objectified forms of social differences manifested in un-equal access to and unequal distribution of resources (material and nonmaterial) and social opportunities. Personal boundaries can be emotional, physical, or even digital. Artistic or creative boundaries can be stylistic, cognitive, material, and aesthetic. Each artist is encouraged to challenge themselves while having fun with the concept.

Submission Requirements

All entries must be handmade prints printed by the artist using traditional printmaking and/or photographic processes and created in the last 5 years.  3D and experimental work is encouraged. Any combination of processes may be employed including but not limited to silkscreen, letterpress, calligraphy, etching, woodcut, lithography, linocut, drypoint, mezzotint, monoprint, polymer plates, silver gelatin prints, photopolymer gravure, copperplate gravure, cyanotype, vandyke, gumbichromate, palladium, platinum, carbon, salt, wet plate, chemigram, lumen, argrotype, oilprint, chlorophyll, instant transfers, and lifts. AI generated images will not be accepted.

**Digital photographic images can be used in combination with other processes, but straight digital prints will not be accepted.

Work needs to arrive at the gallery ready to hang but framing is not required. Magnets, clips, and other methods can be used.

Light Art Space invites all to submit, including Black, Latina, Indigenous people, and all self-identifying people of color – historically under-represented artists working in the visual arts.

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