The Still(ed) Life:  Celebrating Handmade Photographic Art.

Juror: Diana Bloomfield

Light Art Space

August 4th – September 30th

Public reception Friday, August 4th

Laura Barth, Robyn Barron, Walsh Bellville, Lynn Bianchi, Sally Chapman, Dennis Collins, Briar Craig, Debbie Danna, Nancy Dodd, Kat Doran, Nicholas Gialanella, J. M. Golding, Erin Hillery, Claudia Hollister, Cynthia Hurayt, Kathleen Koopman, Leslie Koptcho, Chris Losee, Maxwell Marshall, Marek Matusz, Lou McCorkle, Scott McMahon, Maureen Mulhern-White, Kelsey Nolin, Denise M Oehl, Gary Pikarsky, Robert Poole, Liz Potter, Dennis Segers, Christine So, Douglas Stockdale, Mariam Todd, Randall Tosh, Forrest Zerbe.

In what often seems like an increasingly chaotic and fast-moving world, finding the beauty in stillness seems ever more meaningful.  In this call, we celebrate the creation of the handmade print, using historic/alternative photographic printing techniques.  All 2-D and 3-D handmade art is acceptable. Straight digital prints do not qualify. We look forward to seeing your own unique interpretations of The Still(ed) Life.


First Place       Scott McMahon, Second Fiddle and Taken By Her Own Hand, Wet Plate Collodian Tintype

Second Place   Claudia Hollister, Butterfly Effect, Cyanotype Collage Over Cyanotype Ground.


 Third Place      Liz Potter, Yucca in Bloom, Silver Gelatin Print on Fiber Paper, Polaroid Emulsion Lift, Hand tinting with Photo Oils.

Honorable Mention:  Cynthia Hurayt, Unexplained, Toned Silver Gelatin Print

Honorable Mention: Kelsey Nolin, Untitled, Phytogram Flag Book

Honorable Mention: Denise M. Oehl, Sting with Jar, Ziatype

Light Art Space Award: Christine So, Caminante No Hay Camino, Cyanotype on Watercolor Paper