July 2nd – July 31st

RUMINATIONS is an exhibition of ceramic artwork representative of this past year.
In a time of unprecedented global events, contemplation and consideration are needed. Artists observe the world around them and create artwork that communicates individual perspectives and experiences.

Clay Leonard, Curtis Owens, Martin AcostaBonnie Ertel, Donna Forst, Lori Piecyk, Helen Gilmore, Jaden Estes, Jenna Ritter, Vincent Burke, Robbie Sorge, Julie Stein, Janet K Burner, Judy Menefee, Margarita PazPedro, Heather Kaplan, Zoe Wolfe, Patrick Raichur, Tracy Bell, Karen Tippit, Dina Edens-Perlasca, Marko Fields, Krissy Ramires.

Juror: Sanam Emami

First Place:  Where Theres Smoke, Heather Kaplan
Second Place:  Gesture Mug Pair, Clay Leonard
Third Place:  Balance, Jaden Estes