Push & Pull… handmade prints

October 7th – Nov. 12th, 2022 – Exhibition Dates

Friday, October 7th, 5 – 7 pm – Reception open to the public

Friday, October 7th – Juror talk 5:30 – 6:30 pm

This exhibition of hand-made prints asks artists to think about internal and external tensions of the world. Today, polarization is prominent and deep chasms exist in many aspects of our lives. Can we bridge the divides?

And what is a bridge? Two major forces act on a bridge at any given time: compression and tension. Tension is a force that stretches something. Compression is a force that squeezes something together.

Juror: Frank Rose, the director, and owner of Hecho a Mano Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM

Frank Rose is a creative conductor, passionate about facilitating avenues of support for artists. Frank holds a degree in Digital Media and has exhibited in exhibitions in the US, China, and South Korea. He founded Gallery 1724, a community art space in Houston in 2005 and was the Publisher of ArtsHouston Magazine before moving to Santa Fe in 2008. He co-founded Santa Fe’s form & concept in 2016, opened Hecho a Mano in 2019, and Hecho Gallery in 2022. Frank loves expanding consciousness, hiking, good coffee, and tacos.

Sponsored by the Southwest Print Fiesta, Silver City, NM