“It’s Time to Address’er Drawers”

An Interactive wire based installation by Joel Armstrong

 “It’s Time to Address’er Drawers” was first conceived after my mother passed away. When cleaning out the house, we discovered in her chest of drawers a stack of sealed envelopes, some addressed and others not. Inside were her journals that documented various disappointments in her life (including me!). Most importantly, they revealed the tumultuous and abusive relationship between my parents.

March 13 – April 19th

Reception March 14th, 5 -7pm

Joel Armstrong grew up in Corpus Christi, TX, where he grew to love fishing, salt air, humidity, and rust. After attending Texas Tech University, he spent over 20 years combined as an illustrator and graphic designer. While art director for GROUP, a magazine for youth ministers, he returned to College to receive his MFA in drawing from Colorado State University (2001). At CSU, he began working with rusted wire and started doing installation art for close to 15 years after graduation. He has continued to exhibit these installations throughout the country and also London.