Silver City artist, Joel Armstrong, presents figurative work created thoughout his artistic career.
March 11 – April 30th, 2022 in the Flash Gallery at Light Art Space

“I have been creating art since I gave up the violin (thank God!) and started painting classes every Saturday from Jr High till I graduated from High School. I started working with the figure in college and have continued in some form ever since. The oldest piece in this exhibition is a self-portrait I did in my freshman year of college in 1975. I did figurative work as a freelance illustrator and in grad school (colored pencil, charcoal, artist chalk, and wire.) I have worked loose, sketchy, linear, elongated, abstract, and super representational. I taught multi-levels of figure drawing at the university level for 14 years, so I enjoy the immediacy of a live model. I hope you enjoy the diversity of the exhibit.” Joel Armstrong, 2021