Current Call For Work

H2O: Shifting Currents

Water is essential to life, without fixed form, reflective, a conductor, and wet. It can represent cleansing, purity, power, wisdom, an open heart, and mind, and change. After three years of constant change and uncertainty involving much pain and loss, this call asks artists to consider water and what it can represent. We encourage you to submit art that reflects how you think about water and the shifting currents in your life.

Submit at:

All entries must be handmade prints printed by the artist using traditional printmaking and/or photographic processes and created in the last 5 years.  3D and experimental work is encouraged. Any combination of processes may be employed including but not limited to silkscreen, letterpress, calligraphy, etching, woodcut, lithography, linocut, drypoint, mezzotint, monoprint, polymer plates, silver gelatin prints, photopolymer gravure, copperplate gravure, cyanotype, vandyke, gumbichromate, palladium, platinum, carbon, salt, wet plate, chemigram, lumen, argrotype, oilprint, chlorophyll, instant transfers, and lifts. AI generated images will not be accepted.

**Digital photographic images can be used in combination with other processes, but straight digital prints will not be accepted.

Work needs to arrive at the gallery ready to hang but framing is not required. Magnets, clips, and other methods can be used.

Juror: Kristen Martincic

Kristen Martincic uses swimming pools and objects associated with water to meditate on water’s translucency and the act of swimming. She works with traditional print media as well as a hybrid of printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture. Her artwork has been widely shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the US as well as in Canada, France, and Egypt. She currently lives & works in Columbia, MO.

First Place $300,
Second Place $200,
Third Place $100

Important Dates:

September 3rd – Midnight Mountain time, deadline for submitted work
September 8th– Notification via email
September 23rd- Work due at Light Art Space
October 5th – Nov. 4th, 2023 Exhibition dates
Friday, October 6th, 5 – 7 pm.  Reception
Juror talk 5:30 – 6:30 pm


Entry fee: $35 for 5 images. $5 for each additional image. 
Sliding scale discount: Use coupon code: disc15 $15 for 5 images, or disc25 $25 for 5 images. Artists may enter up to 10 artworks.  

Light Art Space invites all to submit, including Black, Latina, Indigenous people, and all self-identifying people of color – historically under-represented artists working in the visual arts.


Sales are encouraged but artwork need not be for sale. Light Art Space will retain a 50% commission on any artwork sold. The sale price on the entry form must include commission and cannot be changed after acceptance. All artwork will remain in the exhibition through November 13th, 2022.


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