This exhibition of hand-made prints will address the basic principles of human connections. Some things to consider: What qualities, experiences, and goals do we share? How do we strengthen the community and empower individuals? How do we further our spiritual connection to the earth?

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together”. Desmond Tutu”

“Survival of the world depended on our sharing what we have, and working together. If we don’t the whole world will die. First the planet, and next the people.” Frank Fools Crow

Presented by Light Art Space and sponsored by the Southwest Print Fiesta, Silver City, New Mexico


October 8 – November 13, 2021

Congratulations to the award winners in the Bound Exhibition

1st Place
Julianna Kirwin

Maria and Francisco Xoloitzcuintle, Woodcut on paper mounted on wood panel. $650

2nd Place
Christy Hengst

Seeds, Mixed Media on panel, including photopolymer gravure, charcoal, pastel, and encaustic. $1900

3rd Place
Robyn Moore

Being in the Land (Hatteras), Photopolymer Gravure, $1000

Honorable Mention
Harold Lohner

Contact 1, Monoprint, $900

Honorable Mention
Juan Canals

Nins, Intaglio Engraving, Sold

Director’s Choice
Richard Hricko

RootsII, Laser Woodcut on Kitakata, $2000



Chip Thomas

Chip Thomas, aka jetsonorama, is a photographer, public artist, and physician who has been working in a small clinic on the Navajo Nation since 1987.  There he coordinates the Painted Desert Project which he describes as a community-building dialog that manifests as a constellation of murals painted by artists from the Navajo Nation as well as from around the world.

Thomas’ own public artwork consists of enlarged black and white photographs pasted onto structures along the roadside primarily on the Navajo Nation.  His motivation is to reflect back to the community the love they’ve shared with him over the years.

Thomas was a 2018 Kindle Project gift recipient and in 2020 he was one of a handful of artists chosen by the UN to recognize the 75th anniversary of the UN’s founding.  Selected artists are to generate work that contributes to the envisioning and shaping of a more resilient and sustainable future.  The UN writes “…Right now we are facing the greatest health challenge to the human race in a century.  COVID-19 has revealed that a virus can affect not only our physical health but also our ability to cope with the psychological impact in its wake.”  Thomas will spend 2021 working collaboratively to craft an artful, community-based mental health wellness response to the pandemic.



Thea Gahr

Thea Gahr is a bilingual artist, printmaker, educator, curator, and community cultural maker. Committed to the health and balance of the land she works to create a catalyst of positive social and environmental change. As a longtime member of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, a decentralized collective of artists in the greater America and ECPM 68 an autonomous school in Mexico City, she is dedicated to the brilliant and difficult experiment of working collectively and collaboratively. Her relief prints, paintings, and mix media show the energy of the marks and speak directly to the emotional body inviting more expansive intelligence with the hopes of inspiring change for collective well-being. She is an Adjunct Instructor at Linfield University since 2012, teaching drawing, painting, and printmaking and is the Gallery Curator of the Linfield Gallery. Her work spans the borders of Mexico, Haiti, and the US. She grew up in a large multi-lingual farming family in the costal foothills of Oregon, which has greatly informed her work.

Among other things she is a long-distance cyclist, aerialist, stitcher, builder, gardener, traveler and is interested in land restoration.