Joe Huebner

Artist’s Statement


How ravens tails tear

How we reach a star by its comprehension

How an onion and its paper are both

For a while within its layers

How bees wings worn from work

Continue the cycle

That we conceive of endings

And how they allude to illusion

How shadows owe their existence to matter

What an icicle asks of water as well

As the blossom and the bee

How mirrors suggest we too are reflections

How relationships create rhythm

How rhythm reveals motion

How the attempt to change

And the awareness of change diverge

How expression and experience are able

To be realized at once

And how these words may take form

Brief Bio

Joe resides in Silver City, New Mexico. He is an avid cyclist, reader of philosophy, aficionado of esoteric music, gourmet cook and connoisseur of fine wines.



MFA Painting & Drawing, State University of New York, Albany, NY
BFA Painting & Drawing, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI


  • 2022


Light Art Space, Silver City, NM

  • 2020

Art in the Time of COVID-19

Light Art Space, Silver City, NM

  • 2018

Hi Yo Silver

A Space Gallery, Silver City, NM

  • 2016

New Paintings

Open House, Silver City, NM

Hi Yo Silver

A Space Gallery, Silver City, NM

  • 2002

 The Big House, Chicago, IL

  • 2001
    Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational

The Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY

Art is a Dirty Joke

The Big House, Chicago, IL

  • 2000
    Mohawk-Hudson Regional

Albany, NY

Intensive Care

Web Cafe, Albany, NY

  • 1996

 Copeland Rutherford Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1993
    Solo Exhibitions

Encore Provence, Santa Fe, NM

  • 1992
    Senior Show

Frederick Layton Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

  • 1991
    Works on Paper – Biennial National Collegiate Competition

Frederick Layton Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

The Urban Adventure

Houberbocken Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

Works on Paper

Student Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

  • 1990
    Reflections on a River

Milwaukee River Sculpture Project, Milwaukee, WI

Scholarship Show

Frederick Layton Gallery, Milwaukee, WI


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