Eugene Starobinskiy Bio

Eugene Starobinskiy grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. His first education is in the field of medical engineering. He moved to Arizona in 2002, where he began his interest in photography after purchasing his first camera at a yard sale in 2007. Influenced by his traditional and alternative photography classes at Pima Community College taught by Ann Simmons-Meyers and independent research of historic photographic processes, Starobinskiy is documenting the beauty of his surrounding by means of chemistry and light. He works in cyanotype, Vandyke brown, platinum/palladium, kallitype printing as well as wet plate collodion photography.

He started his journey into the alternative processes with cyanotype process, because of the seeming ease and low cost of the chemistry, but after discovering the full range of possibilities that cyanotype process has to offer, he never stopped printing in Prussian blue since. Starobinskiy’s cyanotype prints were shown in several group exhibitions in the USA.  Several of his prints were featured in “Cyanotype: The Blueprint in Contemporary practice” book by Christina Z. Anderson, authoritative author and researcher of Historic and alternative photographic processes.

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